20 x 20" Collages

My collages are created using vintage, found and new papers and acrylic paints. Most collages are further painted and embellished using hand-carved stamps. The collages are created on gesso board and most are meant to be hung unframed. A hanger has been attached to the back of each piece.

You can also email me for more information at kimhambricart@gmail.com.

Start at the Very Beginning, 20 x 20" A very good place to start.

Weary of War, 20 x 20"

Summer in the City I, 20 x 20" Summer in my "new" city of Charleston, SC. Green, lush, fragrant and a bit gritty and prickly.

Like Water, 20 x 20"

Wednesday til Sunday, 20 x 20"

Innuendo, 20 x 20"

A Month of Sundays. 20 x 20". Same place. Different day. Time changes everything.

Cats Eye I. 20 x 20". So much can be seen in a cat's eye. Look closely.

Cats Eye II. 20 x 20". Dark and stormy. Beware.

Postcards from Lake So and So. 20 x 20". What was the name of that lake where we stayed? What year was that? We went swimming every day. Or did it rain? Memories blurred.