16 x 16" Collages

My collages are created using vintage, found and new papers and acrylic paints. Most collages are further painted and embellished using hand-carved stamps. The collages are created on gesso board and most are meant to be hung unframed. A hanger has been attached to the back of each piece.

You can also email me for more information at kimhambricart@gmail.com.

Half the Fun is Getting There, 16 x 16"

Migration, 16 x 16" Freedom to go. Freedom to stay. Both are equally important.

Fish are Jumpin', Cotton's High, 16 x 16" Summertime. And the living's easy.

Urban Bird, 16 x 16" Can man and nature coexist? Ask the urban bird.

Vicarious Voyage, 16 x 16" Travel or just dream about it. You can always get someone else to do the work for you.

Incidences of Blue, 16 x 16" Mixed Media on Board Winter

It is a Lovely Flower, 16 x 16" Mixed Media on Board Spring

Variety of Soils, 16 x 16" Mixed Media on Board Autumn

The Fragrance of Summer, 16 x 16"

Cognizance, 16 x 16"