18 x 18" Collages

My collages are created using vintage, found and new papers and acrylic paints. Most collages are further painted and embellished using hand-carved stamps. The collages are created on gesso board and most are meant to be hung unframed. A hanger has been attached to the back of each piece.

You can buy some of these pieces on my Etsy store.

You can also email me for more information at kimhambricart@gmail.com.

Flight of the Suburbanites I, 18 x 18" The suburbs are being overrun! Time to flee to the ex-urbs to grow some vegetables, avoid neighbors, and feed the bears.

May Day, 18 x 18" Nature is glorious in May! Butterflies swoop. Birds sing and build nests. Golden sun shines down on the yellow flowers. Fossil fuels are burned.

Stories of Long Ago, 18 x 18" Remember the stories of ancestors. The dust of life will soon dim and distort them.

Rise and Fall, 18 x 18" History repeats. History repeats. History repeats.

In My Own Backyard, 18 x 18" Pansies, peas, and pests. I only want the good in my own backyard.

Skin Deep, 18 x 18" It's what's inside that matters. Everything else is only skin deep.

Revisionist History, 18 x 18" Careful not to rewrite your own history.