About My Work

I am a mixed media artist residing in Charleston, South Carolina.

My work brings together images, emotions, and found paper scraps with paint and glue. I don’t draw, I collect. My pieces are a gathering of large and small.  The landscape and the leaf.  The herd and the parasite.  The soliloquy and the pun.   They are an expression of my small joys and large fears.  

I articulate with my materials what I often cannot do with my voice.  These materials form compositions of balance, fragments, pattern and tension. I create cautionary tales voiced in a non-linear way.  The end often precedes the beginning.  There is always the chance the viewer will have to finish the story.

I am drawn to nature because it is beautiful, it is soft and fuzzy, it is colorful, it is full of sound and texture, it is dangerous and sometimes it bites. Man’s place in nature is a frequent theme.  Man makes nature less beautiful, less soft and fuzzy, and less colorful.  People are dangerous and sometimes we bite.

I should have made art as a child.  Now I make art as a child would --naively, with paper, little scissors, glue, and enthusiasm.  I create my own environments and invite you to visit and look around.